High-resolution 360 Video Foveated Stitching for Real-time VR

Wei-Tse Lee*, Hsin-I Chen*, Ming-Shiuan Chen, I-Chao Shen and Bing-Yu Chen

Computer Graphcis Forum (CFG 2017) to be appeared (* indicates equal contribution.)
Integrating Dashcam View through Intervideo Mapping

Hsin-I Chen, Yi-Ling Chen, Mu-Hsuan Chen, Yen-Chiu Chen and Bing-Yu Chen

Under submission
Bookwall: Visualizing Books Online Based on User Experience in Physical Bookstores

Hsin-I Chen, Wei-Ting Lin and Bing-Yu Chen

IEEE Proceedings in Pacific Visualization (VisNot 2016)
Descriptor Ensemble: An Unsupervised Approach to Descriptor Fusion in the Homography Space

Yuan-Ting Hu, Yen-Yu Lin, Hsin-I Chen, Kuang-Jui Hsu and Bing-Yu Chen

IEEE Transaction on Image Processing (TIP 2015)
Integrating Dashcam Views through Inter-Video Mapping
[coming soon]

Hsin-I Chen, Yi-Ling Chen, Wei-Tse Lee, Fan Wang and Bing-Yu Chen

IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2015)
Data-Driven Handwriting Synthesis in a Conjoined Manner

Hsin-I Chen, Tse-Ju Lin, Xiao-Feng Jian, I-Chao Shen and Bing-Yu Chen

Computer Graphics Forum (PG 2015)
Co-segmentation Guided Hough Transform for Robust Feature Matching

Hsin-I Chen, Yen-Yu Lin and Bing-Yu Chen

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI 2015)
Making in-front-of Car Transparent: Sharing First Person View via Dashcam

Shao-Chi Chen, Hsin-I Chen, Yi-Ling Chen, Hsin-Mu Tsai and Bing-Yu Chen

In Proceedings of Pacific Graphics (PG 2014)
Robust Feature Matching with Alternate Hough and Inverted Hough Transforms

Hsin-I Chen, Yen-Yu Lin and Bing-Yu Chen

IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2013)
User-Assisted Disparity Map

Hsin-I Chen, YiShan Lin, I-Chao Shen, Sheng-Je Lou and Bing-Yu Chen.

Pacific Graphics 2012 (PG 2012) Short paper

Teaching Assistant

Interactive Computer Graphics (Spring 2012)

Lecturer: Ming Ouhyoung